Zhejiang Fontal technology Co., LTD.

Zhejiang Fontal technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as " Fontal technology ") was established in August 1991, located in Huangyan District, Zhejiang Province. Mainly engaged in precision mold manufacturing, new energy auto parts, food-grade plastic packaging, kitchen and household products and other four series of R & D, production and sales, to safety, environmental protection, health and green for the purpose of innovative technology entity enterprises.

The company has first-class production environment, and is equipped with the world's most advanced mold processing, injection molding equipment and so on a series of production lines, and integrate the capable r&d team at home and abroad, using the most advanced techniques and technologies, around a big health industry, smart home, food, health, intelligent kitchen, new energy vehicles, robots, medical health, energy conservation, environmental protection and other industries, Develop and produce various functional new materials.

Plastic "victory" in the process of scale production and technology research and development, as a new functional material of growing market demand, has brought the company continues to develop powerful motivation and opportunity, in recent years, the company continuously increased funding for the expansion of production base, equipment updates, high-end technology talent training and introduction, increase investment in research and development, We have conquered many technical barriers in the field of functional new materials by using new process design and unique production formula. At the same time, the use of modern enterprise management mode, to achieve fine management, lean production, constantly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, to create international famous brand;

After more than 30 years of wind and wind, the company's purpose: "the pursuit of excellence, quality first, sustainable management, excellence", "Fontal" brand has grown into a well-known brand at home and abroad. In the daily plastic products industry with high visibility and reputation, taizhou plastic products export industry leading enterprises, zhejiang province is also a famous export enterprise and key export foreign exchange enterprises, in 2016 was rated as zhejiang Industrial Design Center, in 2020 was rated as the national high-tech enterprises. In 2020, the company achieved sales of 650 million yuan, paid national tax of more than 42 million yuan, profit of more than 86 million yuan, the company is currently in the share reform and listing declaration.